An unnamed Paramedic often appears in Emmerdale when an ambulance is required.

The paramedic was called out in February 2012, when John and Moira Barton's land rover fell down an embankment. The paramedic assured Moira that husband John was alive as the emergency serviced tried to extract him from the trapped car. When John was rescued from the car, John and Moira were rushed to the hospital, where John tragically died from his injuries.

Over a year later in May 2013 he was one of two paramedics who attended to Sean Spencer after her electrocuted himself whilst smashing up Brook Cottage. The paramedics inquired how long Megan Macey, and Sean's father Dan has been doing CPR. The paramedics shocked Sean and fitted a neck brace before taking Sean to hospital.

Five months later in October, the paramedic was on the scene when Cameron Murray took many Emmerdale villagers hostage in The Woolpack. He rushed Alicia Harding to the hospital after she was shot by Cameron. On the journey to the hospital the paramedic asked Alicia's boyfriend Dom Andrews to keep talking to her.

The same paramedic took farmer Andy Sugden to hospital after his arm got trapped in a baler in July 2014.

The paramedic was called out to Tall Trees Cottage in April 2015 when five-year-old April Windsor couldn't wake her unconscious step-mother Laurel Dingle before she was sick.

In July 2016, he rushed Lawrence White to hospital after he was shot in the abdomen by his grandson Lachlan White.

In May 2017, he attended to Eric Pollard when Eric was attacked during the robbery of David's Shop. A few months later in October, he arrived at Holdgate Farm when Eliza Macey was having a seizure. Then two after that, in December, he arrived at Dale View to rush an unconscious Pete Barton to hospital after he fell down the stairs.

In February 2018, he rushed Ross Barton to hospital after he had acid thrown in his face by Simon McManus.

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