Pat Jones was Debbie Jones's alcoholic adoptive mother.

Pat adopted Debbie after Debbie's 13-year-old mother Charity Dingle was forced to give her up to Pat, who was a friend of Charity's father Obadiah. Pat brought Debbie up on a council estate until she was admitted to hospital in December 2002 so Debbie was placed with foster parents Paddy and Emily Kirk for a few days. Debbie went back to live with Pat but her condition worsened and Debbie was re-fostered by Paddy and Emily. Pat died in hospital on 26th February 2003.

In May 2018, Pat is seen in a Photograph holding Debbie when she was a baby. A Flashback of a 14-year-old Charity in 1990 shows her kissing the picture of her baby girl.

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