Pat Pearce was a former friend of Lydia Hart and a lover of Lydia's late husband Steve.

Pat and Steve embarked on an affair, and Lydia found them in the caravan after returning home early from work. Horrified, she walked off after Pat and Steve discovered they had been caught. Steve subsequently left Pat and tried to reconcile with Lydia. Lydia relented but noticed that Steve had changed since the affair and realised she'd always be second best to Pat.

Lydia bumped into Pat inside the Abbott Lane Surgery in March 2018. Pat attempts to talk to Lydia, assuming enough water had passed under the bridge. However, a still unforgiving Lydia ushered her curious fiance Sam Dingle away. Pat followed Lydia to The Woolpack and attempted to make amends, but Lydia exploded at Pat, making clear that Steve had been unfaithful with Pat and stormed out.

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