When Paul and his family arrived in the village, Paul initially worked as a porter, alongside his nurse wife Siobhan. Paul actually wanted to be a carpenter, and did some jobs with Syd Woolfe, but he finally found a full-time job at the post office, beating out Marlon Dingle. When Paul's family moved away, Siobhan and Paul stayed in Victoria Cottage. They seemed to have many happy years ahead, but tragedy struck when Paul went to fix a roof with Carl King. They'd got into a fight the day before over a package Carl hadn't wanted Paul to deliver. They made up and went to the roof. Paul jokingly tossed some tools to Carl. Carl tossed some back, but when Paul tried to catch them, he fell off the scaffolding and through the roof. A horrified Carl called his brothers, who moved Paul's corpse to his garden. Siobhan found him and cradled his lifeless body in her arms. No one ever found out about the true nature of Paul's death. Paul had wanted nothing more than to be a father. Ironically, after his death, Siobhan learned she was pregnant.

Paul was mentioned by Carl in September 2007 after Grace Barraclough's death.

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  • Paul had a fear of dogs.

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