Paul Tozer was a conman who turned up in the village following the death of Gerry Roberts in 2018, claiming to be Gerry's uncle, Terry Roberts. "Terry" arrived for Gerry's funeral planning in May 2018. He throws a pint over Doug Potts and brands him a murderer. Later, he sat down and discussed how Gerry's mother regrets not reconciling before his death. Doug's attempts to tell "Terry" that he never would have hurt Gerry on purpose but an enraged "Terry" tells Doug that he is going to sue B&B for everything it's got. "Terry" and Doug began friendship however, and Doug sells his car to help "Terry" out. However, during Gerry's funeral, "Terry" fled the church claiming that he was upset, before robbing the B&B and fleeing.

The police arrested a Terry Roberts, but Doug and Diane Sugden found that he wasn't the conman, and the conman had stolen Terry's identity.

Gerry's best-friend and killer, Lachlan White, began receiving a string of threatening text messages. Believing they were from the conman, Lachlan started going around to funeral homes, trying to track him down. Eventually, Lachlan managed to find Terry and chased after his car. Lachlan returned home with blood on his shirt, and later began digging a hole in the woods, implying that the conman was killed.

The conman was credited as "Terry" despite Terry not actually being his real name. His name was finally given in dialogue in August 2018.

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