Paula Barker was a classmate of Mark Hughes.

Mark's friends convince him to ask Paula out. They agree to meet at the cinema, but Paula tells Mark she doesn't like violent films, so they spend the night at hers.

Mark's stepfather Joe invites Paula around to show her and Mark the birth of a lamb. Paula is late home, and Paula's father tells her not to see Mark again, thinking she had been on the town.

Joe managed to talk him around and Mark & Paula went out again. Paula tried to teach Mark how to drive her dad's car, but he scratched it and Paula's dad again told Paula that she wasn't allowed to see Mark. Joe managed to talk him around again, but Mark told him he didn't want to get back with Paula as she blames him for damaging her dad's car.

Mark and Paula made up and went on a camping trip with Mark's sister Rachel, who was meant to bring her boyfriend. The camping trip was a disaster, and Paula and Mark decided to end their relationship.

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