Mairead "Peg" Dingle is the mother of Zak Dingle.

Mairead was born in 1930. When she was young she married Jedediah Dingle. They had 6 children. Albert Dingle in 1946, Shadrach Dingle in 1948, Zak Dingle in 1952, followed by Ezra Dingle, Caleb Dingle and Zebediah Dingle.

In 1960, when Zak was 8 years old, Peg and Jed had a row. Jed hit her over the head but she was not badly hurt. Jed then walked out that night, leaving Peg to bring up her children alone. Zak saw blood on the floor the next morning and no sign of his father. Peg said that Jed had died. For years, Zak was sure his mother killed his father as he was unaware the blood was Peg's.

Peg first appears on January 2002 when Zak's cousins Elvis and Marilyn Dingle dropped her off on him, having had enough of her. Initially, Zak tries to pass off her to other relatives, including Charity and her husband Chris Tate. She briefly lives in a caravan outside Zak's house, but this burns down. Peg and Zak have a difficult relationship, and in March he accuses her of murdering his father Jed. She tells him that Jed had walked out on his family when Zak was young.

In April 2002, Peg sets her sights on Alan Turner and moves into the "Grange Bed and Breakfast", and drives away his customers. To drive Peg away, Alan pretends to be gay and in a relationship with Rodney Blackstock. Peg then moves back in with Zak, and in July, Zak and Peg put together a plan to for Elvis to take Peg back. First, they pretend that Peg has won the lottery, but this fails when Elvis recognises Rodney at the pub. Their second plan, to pretend Peg was dead and take her away in a coffin, worked and Elvis took her away. Peg later telephoned Zak to say she is in Africa.

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