Penelope "Penny" Drury is a classmate of Daz Eden.

When Debbie Dingle notices that Daz fancies Penny, she tries to get him to talk to her, but he cannot build up the confidence. Debbie invites Penny to Daz's birthday party but it is only the two of them there. They end up kissing on the sofa, only to be interrupted by Jack Sugden and Billy Hopwood arguing over who should look after Daz. Daz intervenes saying they are ruining his birthday and his chance of getting his leg over, causing Penny to leave.

Penny returns months later when her father brings his car to Debbie's garage, where Daz works. Penny forgives Daz and the two start dating. After a few months, Penny leaves a glass of vodka and coke lying around at Daz's house, which is found and drunk by Samson Dingle. When Penny shows no remorse and calls Samson's father Sam names, Daz dumps her.

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