Pete Coleman was a drug dealer who had dealings with Debbie Dingle in 2013.

After Debbie and her parents, Cain Dingle and Charity Sharma, got a rival courier firm raided, Pete met with Debbie and Charity in the café to see if their new found courier company could step into the breach. Pete asked Debbie's courier firm to ferry about his drugs in between their usual drop offs. Debbie was willing to talk but Charity was having none of it and dragged her daughter out of the café. Despite Charity's warnings to stay away from Pete and Dom Andrews telling her Pete was dodgy, Debbie met Pete on a secluded road where Pete bragged about how much money he made. Debbie told Pete her terms - she wanted £20,000 to ferry drugs about for one month. Later, Dom's daughter Gemma accidentally brushed against Pete's car and he was furious until Gemma identified herself and Dom's child.

At the same time as Debbie was meeting with Pete, Charity and Dom filled Cain in on the situation. Cain thought they were overreacting until he spoke to Debbie himself. Cain enlisted the help of Dom and they visited Pete armed with a baseball bat. Cain warned Pete to stay way from his daughter, but when he sounded off about Debbie, Cain went for him and beat him up. Pete later called Debbie's house number and spoke to her daughter Sarah about his broken nose. Sarah revealed to the stranger that she had been ill recently. Debbie called Charity and Cain to the office where she demanded to know what Cain had done as Pete threatened her children. The following morning, Sarah received a large bunch of flowers for Pete which was the final straw. Debbie insisted on sorting the situation herself and met with battered and bruised Pete on a secluded road. Pete insisted Debbie owed him double now but Debbie refused to do business with him now. Debbie told Pete that she didn't ask Cain to do what he did and warned his that her father was capable of so much more if she asked him to. With menace, Debbie warned Pete that if he even breathed her children's names again, she would make him pay, whatever it takes. She advised Pete to find someone else to do his dirty work.

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