Peter William "Pete" Whiteley was the grandson of Bill Whiteley and a friend of Jackie Merrick. Pete first appeared when Bill bought his new home and invited his family to live with him. Shortly after arriving in the village Pete embarked on an affair with local teenager Rachel Hughes which was exposed at his wife Lynn's New Year party. Lynn did not split up with Pete, however, as she discovered she was pregnant and believed her child needed it's father. Despite this, Pete still had a feelings for Rachel and wanted to continue the affair but Rachel eventually decided to end it. Pete took the rejection badly and began drinking heavily. One night, fearing Pete would try to drive home drunk, Rachel stole his car keys. Faced with the prospect of having to walk home, Pete stumbled into the middle of the road and was run over and killed by Rachel's mother, Kate Sugden in her car. Lynn gave birth to her and Pete's son, Peter, on the day of his funeral.

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