Peter Holmans (15th February 1931 - 2011) served as an Executive Producer for Emmerdale Farm from the first episode on 16th October 1972 until 17th July 1973. Peter was the sole producer from 22nd January 1973 until 17th July 1973. Peter was preceded by David Goddard and succeeded by Robert D. Cardona in his producing duties, and succeeded by David Cunliffe in his executive producer duties.

During his time as the sole producer, Peter oversaw the introductions of George Verney, Liz and Edward Ruskin, Alison Gibbons, Sam and Sally Skilbeck, and Clare Scott, as well as the departures of Marian Wilks and Peggy Skilbeck.

Major storylines included the proposal and marriage of Frank Blakey and Janie Harker (the first wedding in the programme), Sharon Crossthwaite's rape and murder at the hands of Jim Latimer, Ian McIntyre's death by falling from a window whilst fleeing from police, George Verney attacking Jack Sugden for his affair with his wife Laura, Henry Wilks's home Inglebrook House getting burned down, birth of the Skilbeck twins, Jim Latimer attempting to kill Penny Golightly before his arrest and Peggy Skilbeck's death.

Peter went on to act as a Producer for Bullseye, Treasure Hunt and Motormouth.

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