Phil Webb was the handyman who was called out to David's Shop in January 2018. Phil takes Tracy Metcalfe to The Woolpack, and tries to learn more about her. Phil also makes a friend in Tracy's husband David, slightly annoying Tracy when Phil and David begin hanging out more. In February 2018, Tracy was slightly creeped out when someone sent her flowers, and David became suspicious when it was revealed that Phil sent the flowers. However, David thought nothing of it, and that he might just be being ridiculous. Phil and David arranged to go to a charity football match and David left to meet Phil at the venue. However, Phil arrived at the shop and, realising that she's alone, he takes her phone and locks the shop door. Phil reveals that he has a sex tape of them, and tells her that if she doesn't cough up £1,000 or he will send the video to her family.

Tracy talks to Phil and tries to buy more time, so Phil sends David a pornographic video. David is horrified and he cancels his drink with Phil. Tracy visits Phil again and asks for more time to get the cash, but Phil gives her another way to pay up - to sleep with him. Tracy handcuffs Phil to the bed and takes a picture, threatening to send it to his wife - just as David walks in. Tracy reveals that Phil used to pay her for sex and a disgusted David leaves. Phil visits Tracy the next day and threatens her if she sends the video. David walks in and tells Tracy to send the video, just as the police arrive and arrest Phil for blackmail and hiring Tracy as a prostitute. He is later charged and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

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