An unnamed Police Officer was posted outside Home Farm in August 2016, as a precaution in case fugitive Andy Sugden returned to his former house. The police officer was alerted to movement in the house in the early hours of the morning, although Chrissie White assured the police it was only a misunderstanding with her son. The police officer explained someone matching Andy's description was spotted at a ferry port in Hull, so the search was being moved away from the area. Later the police officer talked to Andy's family members who insisted they had told the police all they know, and suggested Andy could've been set up. Andy managed to get into Home Farm and confronted former girlfriend Chrissie as he realised she set him up for the attempted murder of her father Lawrence. As the police arrived Chrissie cut her own arm and called out for help. The police officer was first on the scene and Chrissie lied to him about what had happened.

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