An unnamed police officer was at Home Farm in the aftermath of Lawrence White's shooting in July 2016. The following month, the police officer attend when the body of a young woman was found in an alleyway. Zak and Lisa Dingle rushed to the scene as they feared it could be the body of their daughter seventeen year old Belle. The police officer advised Zak to take Lisa home as she was in such a state.

In July 2017, the police officer appeared at Smithy Cottage to inform Rhona Goskirk that Martha Harris had claimed Rhona threatened her. Rhona's former husband Paddy Kirk let slip that Martha broke in so police officer suggested Rhona make a statement about that but Rhona refused as she believed this was part of Martha's son, and Rhona's estranged husband, Pierce's plan to discredit her ahead of Pierce' trial for raping her. Before leaving, the police officer gave Rhona her number and reminded her to not have any contact with Pierce's family before the trial.

In February 2018, Tracy Metcalfe reported to the police officer that she was being threatened and blackmailed by Phil Webb, providing her phone as evidence. Before going down to the police station to give a statement, Tracy made the police officer aware that Phil used to pay for her for sex.

Emily Fairweather was uncredited for her appearances in Episode 7566/7567 (26th July 2016) and Episode 7599 (26th August 2016)

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