An unnamed police officer arrested Frank Clayton in August 2017 for fraud, having been set up by Charity Dingle and Megan Macey. However, Megan had a change of heart at the last minute as she realised she was going to marry Frank in a surprise wedding, but Charity locked her in the cellar. She is let out by Marlon Dingle and the next day, Megan goes down to the police station and pleads Frank's innocence. The police officer initially doesn't believe Megan's story but Frank is later released.

The police officer questioned Ross Barton and Joe Tate at the hospital over Debbie Dingle's shooting in May 2018. Joe and Ross lied that Home Farm was burgled and Ross and Joe found Debbie on the floor, having been shot. The officer then told them that's all they need but they will be in touch, and to contact them if there's anything to tell.

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