An unnamed Police Officer arrested Joanie Dingle in The Woolpack in late December 2016 after Joanie punched a man named Tommy. Later, Kerry Wyatt turned up at Hotten Police Station to pick up Joanie, and tried to justify Joanie's actions, including telling the unconvinced police officer that Tommy was a serial killer. The police officer explained Joanie wouldn't be released until morning so Kerry gave her Joanie's bag.

In January 2018, along with PC Bishop, the police officer arrested Sam Dingle and Lydia Hart under the Protection of Badgers Act after receiving a tip off from devious Tom Waterhouse.

In March 2018, after Lisa Dingle's drink was spiked with Ketamine which triggered a cardiac arrest, the police officer turned up in Lisa's crowded hospital room to speak to Gabby Thomas and Liv Flaherty about stealing Ketamine from Vanessa Woodfield's veterinary bag. Gabby confessed to stealing the Ketamine and spiking Daz Spencer's drink which Lisa accidentally mistook for her own. Subsequently, Gabby was arrested. The following day, the police officer visited Vanessa and informed her the police were taking no further action against her as it was obvious the drugs were stolen. A few days later, the police officer arrested Liv after Lisa reported it was actually Liv who spiked the drink, not Gabby.

In February 2020, she questioned Rhona Goskirk after she broke into Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits office looking for evidence of Al Chapman and Kim Tate's involvement in Graham Foster's murder.

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