Pollard's Barn is a barn conversion carried out by Charity Tate, for her then-boss and lover Jai Sharma in 2011. He sold the barn to Val and Eric Pollard.

In the seven years since the home was built, it has been home to a few people, but it is currently home to Eric and his dog Cheryl, the Labrador that belonged to his late wife Val.

While Eric, being its namesake, has lived at Pollard's Barn since it was constructed, Val moved out briefly in 2014 after having an affair abroad and contracting HIV. Val and Eric soon reunited but Val died in the helicopter crash at the Village Hall in 2015, leaving Eric widowed.

Eric and Val's foster daughter Amy Wyatt moved in soon after Eric and Val and continued to reside there until 2012, when she moved to the village.

Eric's daughter-in-law Alicia Gallagher and her son Jacob moved in to Pollard's Barn in 2012 following the breakdown of Alicia's marriage to Eric's son David. When Alicia and David reconciled in 2013, she and Jacob left the house.

Cheryl is the dog that Eric bought for Val as a Christmas present in 2012. She was Val's trusted companion until the latter's aforementioned death, at which point ownership of Cheryl fell to Eric, who initially planned to have Cheryl put to sleep as she reminded him too much of Val, but when village vet Paddy Kirk tricked Eric and managed to save Cheryl, Eric chose to take her back. Cheryl has resided with Eric ever since.

Faith and Eric had an on-off relationship starting in 2017. They eventually made things official and Faith moved into Pollard's Barn in 2018

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