Primrose Dingle was a dingle on Home Farm land. By 1982, the dingle had been used as a dumping ground for bricks, metal, and other building waste, especially from Fenton's Lorries, run by Alec Fenton. In October 1982Henry Wilks had a minor accident while inspecting the waste. The contract to temporarily dump waste on the dingle then expired in December 1982, and huge piles of building waste was left abandoned on the dingle. In February 1983, Wilks yet again commented on the state of the dingle and thought it was an eyesore on the countryside so asked Home Farm boss Alan Turner to do something about it. Alan asked his workforce to clean it up. They said they could not do it on top of their specified jobs. Cowman Daniel Hawkins said he was a cowman not a navvy. Alan said they are all general labourers, so can be asked to work in any section, and should clear up the dingle. Daniel then left the workforce. The other workers asked for overtime but Alan refused, and shp steward John Tuplin wanted to go to the union about it. In the end, Alan, under much persuasion from his understudy Joe Sugden, agreed to overtime and the dingle was cleared.

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