An unnamed prosecution barrister was present at Pierce Harris's trial for raping Rhona Goskirk in July 2017. The prosecution barrister questioned Pierce over his relationship with Rhona. Pierce says that he loves Rhona and would never hurt her, but when the barrister holds up a photo of Rhona's bruises and asks if it looks like a romantic relationship, Pierce is left speechless. When quizzing Pierce over Rhona supposedly flying at him when he threatened to reveal she was on painkillers, Pierce remains speechless, suggesting to the barrister that it was false. He also says that the taxi firm Rhona used to get to the police station kept a log of all journey's made, and at this time witnesses said Pierce was in the pub. The prosecution barrister proves Pierce's version of events must be false as there wasn't enough time for it to occur. Pierce is later found guilty of rape and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

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