Ralph Verney was the son of Lord Miffield. In the 1910s, Ralph began a relationship with Margaret Oldroyd, which his step-mother made very clear she disapproved of. Ralph was infuriated by his step-mother's interference and wanted to leave the country to marry Maggie. Maggie rejected as her father was very ill and needed looking after by her. Regardless, Ralph left anyway, only to return to Beckindale in 1914 on the day of Albert's funeral. Maggie and Ralph embarked on an affair and as they were about to break it off, Ralph asked Maggie to leave her husband Joseph Sugden and go to New Zealand with her. She refused but when Joseph killed her dog, she changed her mind however she was informed that Ralph had enlisted in the war. Ralph was killed in The First Battle of Ypres when he was moved to the front, but he was blown up by a shell. No funeral was held for Ralph as his body was not in tact at all, so a memorial was held for him instead.

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