The unnamed Receptionist worked on the front desk of the hotel in Scarborough where Diane and Rodney Blackstock stayed at to attend a friend's funeral in August 2004. Rodney was furious to discover that there was only one room left, despite him booking two. Diane tried to ask the receptionist to resolve the situation, but she was adamant that the hotel was fully booked.

Later on, the receptionist was walking along the foyer when she noticed Diane and Rodney dressed up in black and asked where they were heading. Diane told her they were going to a funeral and the receptionist offered her condolences. A bit later, Diane's sister Val Lambert and fiancee Jack Sugden arrived in Scarborough (along with Rodney's daughter Nicola, Marlon Dingle and Jack's daughter Victoria) to look for Diane and Rodney and headed to the hotel, where they asked the receptionist where they were and she told them they were going to a funeral. She told them that there were 20 churches in Scarborough.

After Rodney told Jack and Val that Diane had cancer, Diane had fled back to the hotel. Jack, Val and Rodney all thought that she had locked herself in her room, but the receptionist arrived and told them that Diane was downstairs having afternoon tea.

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