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Rhona Goskirk is the mother of Leo Goskirk and ex-wife of Paddy Kirk and Pierce Harris - the latter of whom is currently in prison for raping her on their wedding night. She is currently dating Pete Barton.


2001-2002 Arrival in Emmerdale and Relationship with Marlon DingleEdit

Veterinary Surgeon Rhona arrived in Emmerdale in September 2001 as a locum for Zoe Tate at the Vet's Surgery. Marlon Dingle soon became smitten with Rhona when Paddy Kirk introduced them. After being set up by Paddy and Emily Dingle, Rhona and Marlon went on a date in The Woolpack, which led them to dating. Things between Rhona and Marlon were going steady until Marlon's former girlfriend, Tricia Fisher, returned to the village. Rhona left soon after in October 2001. In June 2002, Rhona returned to the village to temporally replace Zoe after she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was incapable of working. She and Marlon soon started their relationship again but she would soon leave once again in December.

2010-2012 Return to Emmerdale, Breakup with Marlon, Birth of Leo, and Marriage to Paddy Edit

Rhona returns to the village in December 2010 to cover for Paddy at the Vet's Surgery after he is attacked by his foster son Aaron Livesy. She is greeted by Pearl Ladderbanks and Paddy at the Surgery, at lunch Rhona confesses to Paddy that she was married and divorced to an unnamed man. After completing her contract, she leaves Emmerdale but later returns to help Paddy as he was tending to Aaron after his suicide attempt. She moves into Dale View with Andy Sugden and Ryan Lamb. Marlon and Rhona soon rekindle their relationship and she moves into Tall Trees Cottage with him. 

In October 2010 she realized that she no longer loved Marlon but instead had feelings for Paddy. In the start of November she tells Marlon that she only likes him as a mate and moves out of Tall Trees back to the Dale View. After seeing Paddy dating a woman she pours her heart to him and confess her love to him, her confession leaves Paddy speechless, the next day Paddy tells her that he feels the same way to her surprise. After they both confess their feeling towards each other she pulls him in for a kiss, he pushes her off as he feels he has betrayed Marlon. She befriends Laurel Thomas when she brings her hamster in the surgery, she confides that she’s thinking of leaving the village from the tension between Marlon and her. Horrified from what Laurel is saying, she tells Paddy to figure things out with Rhona, so she wouldn’t leave. Paddy seeing Rhona loading her bags to leave, he begs her to stay, she tells him she can’t handle the drama between her and him. They argue back at the Vet’s on how to deal with the relationship, after a screaming match they passionately embrace. They agree that Paddy will tell Marlon the next day, Paddy tries but can’t go through with telling him. Paddy attempts multiple times to tell Marlon the truth Rhona realize she missed her period and later takes test; the test comes out positive.  

Rhona tells Marlon that she is carrying his baby, he his initially ecstatic but he is horrified when he finds out Rhona and Paddy are in a relationship. Marlon refuses to be part of the baby’s life to the point where he doesn’t go to her first scan, but he comes around to the idea of being a father. On Monday 13 December 2010, it was also revealed that there is a possibility that Marlon and Rhona's baby may, unfortunately, suffer from Down's syndrome. It was later confirmed. On Monday 20 December 2010, Rhona decided she was going to go ahead with the pregnancy and Marlon and Paddy backed her up happily. The trio are all now good friends again. In May 2011 Rhona gives birth to baby Leo.

In early 2012, Rhona started to make plans to propose to Paddy. Unfortunately, Paddy got drunk and Rhona couldn't do it. It was up to Marlon to explain to Paddy what was going to happen. Paddy then discussed with Rhona the reasons not to get married and that it was a piece of paper and their love didn't need it. However, Paddy was wracked with guilt and made a T-shirt for Baby Leo to wear saying "Mummy, Please will you marry Daddy Paddy". The plan was for Paddy to say Leo was hot and for Rhona to take off his jacket and see the shirt but Marlon took off the jacket and Paddy got angry, upsetting Rhona. Paddy then followed Rhona into the Ladies Bathroom in the Woolpack where he got down on one knee. Paddy and Rhona then got engaged.

Paddy was offered a job in New Zealand and he and Rhona agreed to go. Marlon decided to go too, so he could be close to Leo, but he later changed his mind. Rhona told Marlon that she was still taking Leo to New Zealand. Rhona and Paddy marry, with Marlon arriving at the church at the last minute. During the reception, Marlon informed Rhona and Paddy that he had taken legal action against them taking Leo out of the country. After a lot of debate between Rhona and Laurel about taking Leo to New Zealand, Rhona took off with Leo. Paddy was forced to stay in the village after assaulting a police officer. Later on, Rhona and Leo make a reappearance in the village.

During December 2012, after everything had blown over, Rhona's college friend, Vanessa Woodfield, after Paddy had been struck off from work, Vanessa, also a qualified vet, joined the surgery. She later agreed to have a share in the surgery and when Paddy was able to return to his duties he, Rhona and Vanessa all had their names above the door.

During May 2013, Rhona's life took a turn for the worse when she became addicted to the painkillers she was taking for her backache. When she eventually ran out of the pills, her personality changed and she became aggressive towards Paddy and Vanessa. Rhona's dependence on drugs became increasingly worse and she started buying drugs from a dealer named Gary. Paddy and others were suspicious of Rhona's odd behaviour. He checked her phone and saw that she had been contacting Gary and lying about where she went. She started an affair with Vanessa after she admitted she was in love with her so that she would supply her with more drugs and not tell anyone about her addiction. However, the two had a row and Rhona admitted she was just using Vanessa. Shortly after she had an overdose and was taken to hospital. The truth came out and she started getting help

In September 2015, Paddy met Leo's teaching assistant Tess Harris, and started an affair with her. Tess died in a car accident in February 2016, after which Paddy came clean to Rhona, who subsequently dumped him and began a relationship with Tess' widow Pierce. In October, he had another brush with death (this time alongside Rhona) when he crashed his Vauxhall Zafira in a pile-up caused by Emma Barton, but after being treated by the hospital, they both recovered and were discharged. 

In April 2017, Rhona married Pierce; but almost instantly after the wedding, Pierce raped her. Her friends found out and supported her. Paddy, Vanessa and Marlon stormed into Pierce's office and punched him. She took the case to court and later that year Pierce was found guilty.


"Hello. This is a lovely restaurant." (First line, to Marlon Dingle)

"you know, when I said about drumming up more bussines, I didn't mean going out late at night and mowing down all the local pets." (To Paddy Kirk when he thinks he hit a cat)

"Oh, Ladderbanks... Eyes like a hawk, gob like the Mersey Tunnel." (to Vanessa Woodfield about Pearl Ladderbanks)

"I'm done here, Pierce. You get treated like a sex offender, because you are one. So good luck with the counselling on that. I'm gonna live the rest of my life now, Pierce, the best I can. You've taken all you're gonna get from me." (To Pierce Harris in a prison visit)

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