Rhys briefly served as vicar of St. Mary's Church, Emmerdale for a month in early 2018.

Following Harriet Finch's resignation, Bishop Barry arranged for his nephew Rhys to take over as vicar of St. Mary's. Whilst the Bishop was showing Rhys around the church, Harriet appeared to beg the Bishop for her job back but the Bishop refused. The villagers took Harriet's side and few days later, Sandy Thomas started up KHAV - Keep Harriet as Vicar. At the KHAV meeting, the villagers came up with a long list of reasons why Harriet should be reinstated, but it didn't make any difference to the Bishop.

Rhys' popularity plunged further when he planned to replace a "garish" stained glass window in memory of much loved former vicar Ashley Thomas, who had sadly passed the year before. When the window was accidentally smashed, fingers were pointed at Rhys until Zak Dingle confessed to unknowingly breaking the window whilst playing fetch with Tip the dog. Rhys concluded he didn't fit in in Emmerdale, he preferred a more urban parish. He asked Harriet if she had signed a deed of resignation. When she confirmed she hadn't, Rhys phoned Bishop Barry to hand in his resignation and to tell him he was mad for letting Harriet go.

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