Richard Handford was the series producer of Emmerdale Farm from 4th October 1983 until 28th August 1986, preceded by Anne W. Gibbons and succeeded by Michael Russell.

During his reign, Richard oversaw the introductions of Archie Brooks, Harry Mowlam, Caroline Bates, Bill Middleton, Karen Moore, Alison Caswell, Terence Turner, Sita Sharma, Kathy and Nick Bates, Robert Sugden and Phil Pearce, as well as the departures of Barbara Peters, Sam Pearson, Alison Caswell, Terence Turner, Sita Sharma, Harry Mowlam, Karen Moore and Pat Sugden. He also oversaw the returns of Tom (who later departed during his reign) and Sandie Merrick, Derek Warner (who later departed during his reign), Joe Sugden and Janie Harker.

Major storylines included Jackie Merrick stealing Harry Mowlam's motorbike, Harry trying to run Jackie over on the motorbike, Jackie shooting Caroline Bates's dog, Tom Merrick getting sent to prison, Sam Pearson dying in his sleep, Alan Turner knocking Jackie off his motorbike, Jackie and Sita Sharma's engagement, Harry, Derek Warner and Keith Johnson staging an armed robbery on a security van, Dolly Skilbeck suffering a miscarriage, Jackie and Sita breaking off their engagement, Harry's murder and Matt being charged, Keith and Derek getting caught with stolen money and Derek confessing to Harry's murder, Pat giving birth to a baby boy and Pat dying in a car accident.

Richard later went onto serve as producer and executive producer on The Bill, and series producer on Casualty.

In addition to producing Emmerdale Farm, Richard also served as a director, directing 86 episodes between 1979 and 1987.

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