Richard Montclare stays in Emmerdale for a shoot.

He arrives in the village with his wife Pam for a Boxing Day shoot at Home Farm. Pam and Rodney Blackstock soon get on well, and unbeknown to Richard he narrowly avoids walking in on them about to make love. They return to the village the following week for another shoot, and stay in Rodney's cottage for the first night as the B&B is full. The following day Richard is on a shoot while Pam stays at the B&B. When Shadrach Dingle suggests she and Rodney maybe making love, Richard rushes to the B&B with his shot gun. While trying to fight past Jamie Hope to get up the stairs, Richard accidentally shoots Jimmy King - who is trying to find Rodney because he has just discovered the illegal shoot - in the behind. Richard and Pam then leave the village. The following day, Richard returns when Jimmy demands thousands of pounds in compensation in return for not telling the police.

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