Richard "Richie" Carter is best known for his affair with Sarah Sugden.


1999-2001: Arrival and affair with Sarah Sugden

Richie was a friend of Scott Windsor. He later got involved in a drunken tirade with Scott's mum, Viv. Rickie would later move into the Sugden household and fell for the attentions of Jack Sugden's wife Sarah. He went into business with Scott and began an affair with Sarah when her marriage to Jack was in difficulties.

Sarah ended the affair after she won custody of her and Jack's daughter Victoria and tried to get back with Jack. One dark night Richie lured Sarah into the barn at the farm to try and win her back. Hearing someone enter the barn, they assumed it was Jack and hid behind a haybale. It was actually Andy, who had come to set fire to the barn, hoping to get a pay out from the insurance company to solve Jack's money problems. Richie escaped but Sarah was too scared. Richie was knocked down by a mini blast which destroyed the ladder. Richie tried to save her but was persuaded to get help and Jack rushed out, having seen Richie on the ground, coughing and spluttering. Seconds later the barn blew up killing Sarah instantly. Her remains were found the next day.

In June 2001, Richie left Emmerdale to start afresh.

2007: Brief return

Richie returned as part of Emmerdale's 35th anniversary when Sarah's daughter, Victoria, visited Richie and wanted to the truth about her mother's death. She had believed that her father was responsible but Richie told her that Jack was covering for someone. Richie even said Jack was covering for him, and not Andy. Scared that Victoria will call the cops, he quickly leaves without telling anyone.

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