Rishi Sharma is the husband of Georgia Sharma and the father of Jai, Nikhil and Priya Sharma.


He and his wife arrive in the village to meet his son Jai's fiancée, Charity Dingle, approving of her. He spends a few weeks with Jai and becomes critical about the factory. He attends Jai and Charity's wedding with his wife Georgia. Rishi and Georgia return to see their granddaughter, Molly. Rishi's and Georgia's marriage dissolve and moves in with Jai. When Jai gets Rachel Breckle pregnant and she gives birth to his son, Archie, Rishi saves Jai's marriage with Charity by saying that the baby is his. But a year later, when Rishi suffers a heart attack, he reveals to Charity that Archie is Jai's.

In May 2014, Rishi's daughter Priya gives birth to Rishi's third grandchild, Amba, who was born seven weeks premature. Rishi learns that Jai was threatening Rachel during his custody battle and becomes ashamed of his actions. He helps Kirin Kotecha and Belle Dingle launch their cordial and plans for the launch party. While there, he tells Jai to go home after he knocks over Vanessa Woodfield, while under the influence of drugs. With Priya's help, he tries to help save the business, as many clients were turned off due to Jai's actions. Jai is then taken to hospital and Rishi is accused of sexism when he does not think Priya is capable of running the business, instead employing Nikhil. He helps Jai get over his addiction to cocaine.

In March 2016, Rishi has a fourth grandchild when Megan Macey gives birth to Jai's daughter Eliza.

In March 2018, Rishi walks in on Priya as she snaps at Amba and Eliza, much to the distress of the former. On the following day, Rishi attends Eliza's 2nd birthday party and is present when Jai finds bruises on her legs, proceeding to take her to hospital. When initial tests prove inconclusive, Rishi greatly offends Priya when he privately suggests that she may have inflicted them. Priya does, however, reveal her prior outburst to Jai and Megan, becoming under suspicion of child abuse. Priya's innocence is ultimately proved when Eliza's bruises are determined to be the result of epilepsy medication.


"It's been far to long" - first line spoken to Nikhil Sharma.

"I'm not wearing a hairnet - it's not a good look for me!" - to Jai Sharma when discussing the worker shortage at the factory.

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