Robert 'Robbie' Lawson was the son of Megan Macey and nephew of Declan Macey. He was born on 20th April 1990 but was adopted when he was a baby and did not get in contact with his biological mother until 2012. His adoptive mother, who died in 2011, was domestically abused at the hands of his adoptive father, to which Robbie was regularly witness to.

By 2012, Megan was living at Home Farm in Emmerdale village with her brother Declan Macey, who tracked Robbie down. Robbie told Declan that he had been thrown out of his flat after he slept with his landlord's girlfriend, so Declan invited him to stay at Home Farm. Robbie bonded with his mother and he developed a crush on Declan's girlfriend Katie Sugden. Robbie then tried to kiss Katie, but she rejected him, so he made her feel uncomfortable by constantly flirting with her. Wanting rid of him, Katie decided to set Robbie up by encouraging him to kiss her in front of a CCTV camera. Robbie did so but Katie rejected him again, so he punched her. Katie then showed Declan the footage and he threw Robbie out until Megan blackmailed Declan into letting him stay (knowing that Katie had set him up).

In 2013, Robbie went into partnership with Debbie Dingle, selling illegal alcohol. He developed an unrequited crush on Debbie and wanting to become closer to her, Robbie started stalking/harassing Debbie and he led her to believe that an associate Kirk Stoker was responsible. Debbie then realised that Robbie had been stalking her, so she set him up by sending him on a job, delivering some of the alcohol with Adam Barton. They were both caught by the police and arrested, but were later cautioned. Robbie got revenge on Debbie by telling her family about the booze, which resulted in Debbie's teenage aunt Belle Dingle being hospitalised. As a result, Debbie lost custody of her children. Meanwhile, Robbie and Adam stole Adam's mother's boyfriend Cain Dingle's car after spending the afternoon drinking. As a result, Adam accidentally ran over Kerry Wyatt. However, Cain resolved the situation by torching the car and sending Kerry compensation money.

In 2014, Declan's wife Charity secretly had an abortion, but pretended to have a miscarriage following a fight with Megan. Robbie supported his mother and he attempted to expose Charity by breaking into the abortion clinic, in an attempt to gain access to her medical records. However, he was caught by the police and arrested before being given a caution. Declan later discovered the truth and he attempted to murder Charity.

Declan kidnaps Charity and throws her onto a lifeboat then leave it stranded halfway out the lake. Megan and Robbie arrive at the dock. Robbie dives into the lake in an attempt to save Charity. Declan pulls out his flare gun to shoot Robbie but Charity stands in his way, but when Robbie tries to get onto the lifeboat, Declan shoots him and drowns in the lake. The police and Debbie then arrive at the dock to quickly get a statement from Megan. Declan jumps in the lake to search for Robbie's lifeless body, but can't find him. Declan swims back up to the boat to pull Charity off to drown her, but Charity "kills" him by hitting him over the head with a small metal suitcase making him drown and leaves Megan devastated that both her brother and son have been killed - however, Declan is alive and has escaped Emmerdale.

Robbie was mentioned by Megan in January 2019.

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