Robert D. Cardona served as a producer on Emmerdale Farm from 23rd July 1973 until 18th May 1976. He was preceded by Peter Holmans and succeeded by Michael Glynn.

During his reign, Robert oversaw the introductions of Lena Dawkins, Christine Sharp (who would later depart, return and depart again during Robert's reign), Dryden Hogben, Norah Norris, Kathy Davis, Jim, Freda and Martin Gimbel, Rosemary Kendall, and the re-introductions of Ruth Merrick and Marian Wilks.

He also oversaw the departures of Jack Sugden (who also later returned and departed again during Robert's reign), Ruth Merrick, Janie, Frank Blakey, Dryden Hogben, Kathy Davis, Norah Norris, Liz and Edward Ruskin, Lena Dawkins, Martin Gimbel and Rosemary Kendall.

Major storylines included Ruth Merrick's attempted suicide, Joe Sugden and Christine Sharp's wedding and divorce shortly after, the death of Sam Pearson's friend Wally Lumm, The Woolpack's move due to subsidence, the deaths of Matt Skilbeck's aunt Beattie Dowton and his children Sam and Sally Skilbeck, Heather Bannerman's car accident and the death of Tad Ryland's wife Bella.

Additionally, Robert also directed 26 episodes between 1973 and 1975.

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