Robert Sharp is the father of Christine Sharp. Robert encouraged Joe Sugden not to marry Christine, saying that she was a dreamer and would not take to being a farmers wife, but they did marry regardless and Christine left him weeks after. Robert said that he was right all along. However, Robert said that she was a fool to leave him. In April 1976, Christine had recently returned to Beckindale and wanted to reconcile with Joe but he refused, saying he wanted a divorce so she left the village for good. Robert was annoyed that Joe sent her off, so he took their upcoming divorce to his advantage and tried to get half of Joe's share in Emmerdale Farm but Henry Wilks seeks legal advice and tells Joe that he also is entitled to half of Christine's share in Robert's farm, and as Christine is more well off than Joe then Joe can sue for maintenance. This destroys Robert's plan and Robert leaves them alone forever.

Fourteen years later, in July 1988, Joe mentioned his marriage to Christine and how her father disapproved.

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