Rodger is a dementia sufferer who attended a dementia support group at the Emmerdale village hall with his wife Emily in May 2016. Roger wondered off to David's Shop, where he became distressed as he hadn't received any £1 notes in his change, which hadn't been in circulation in England since the late 1980s. Shop assistant Carly Hope tried to explain she had given him the right change but he was having none of it. Fellow dementia suffer Ashley Thomas witnessed the commotion and realised he was attending the support group. Roger became further disorientated when he 'lost' his twelve-year-old daughter, despite entering the shop alone. Ashley escorted Roger back to the village hall, where Roger's wife Emily was worrying about him. Emily explained to Ashley that their daughter wasn't missing, she was working as a junior doctor at Hotten General Hospital. Later Ashley and his wife Laurel talked to Roger and Emily about the struggles they face dealing with Roger's dementia. Emily told Ashley that today was a particularly bad day for Roger and there are many better ones, but Ashley asked her is she ever felt trapped. Emily admitted she did sometimes but the good days made it worth it.

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