Ronnie Marsden is the patriarch of the Marsden family. The family moved into the house formerly owned by the Reynolds family. At first things seemed to be fine between Frances and Ronnie, but she soon told him that she’d had a cancer scare.

She got a job working at Eric Pollard's factory, as Ronnie drove around Europe in his truck. Soon Ronnie flirted with Louise Appleton, the Woolpack landlady. Flirtation grew into an affair, following a football tournament. Diane Blackstock, Louise's partner in the Woolpack, discovered the truth about the affair and tried to stop Ronnie and Louise.

But Diane's best attempts couldn’t stop them. Frances organized a girls night out for herself and Diane, but Diane wasn’t sure about it. Ronnie went to the Woolpack, to see Louise. The next day Ronnie said he had been to the Malt Shovel, but later Marlon revealed that Ronnie had been propping up the bar at the Woolie.

Frances confronted Ronnie, and discovered the truth about his affair with Louise. She went to see Louise and revealed that Ronnie had had many affairs before, and she had taken him back for the sake of their children. The affair ended, but Ronnie and Frances still had to work to rebuild their marriage. Things are fine between them at present, but how long until Ronnie strays again?

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