Rosalind May was a woman whose car was accidentally rear-ended by Val Pollard in December 2007. Rosalind flirted heavily with Val's boyfriend Eric, but Eric was reluctant to have an affair. Rosalind and Eric crossed paths again in March 2008 when Eric went to visit Rosalind's husband Councillor May. She left Eric shocked when she revealed to be Mrs. May, and flirted with him - telling him that he could get his way if he persuaded her. Rosalind took a guilty Eric to a hotel room but when she lured him to bed and he changed his mind, she gave him a goodbye kiss - just as someone took a photograph. Rosalind arrived the next day and told Eric that someone took photos and blackmailed her. She told Eric she wants to go to the police but Eric wanted to pay off the blackmailer to avoid Val finding out about their affair, giving her money to help pay the blackmailer off. Eric goes on the hunt for the blackmailer, but Val finds out about the affair. However, the pair discover Rosalind was the blackmailer all along, and Rosalind reveals she was conning Eric.

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