Rosemary Kendall is the daughter of Arthur and Jean Kendall. Arthur's mother, whom Rosemary was named after, was from Beckindale in Yorkshire and was the sister of Sam Pearson.

In March 1975, Rosemary came to stay at Emmerdale Farm after her mother Jean became depressed and was admitted to a mental home for a while. Joe Sugden called her Rosie of which she took offence at. She liked to be called Rosemary. And, even though Joe and Rosemary were 2nd cousins, they almost entered a relationship later on.

Rosemary became a farm hand but was sometimes treated a bit unfairly by Joe. Joe was always put straight by Annie. In October 1975, Jean came to stay at Emmerdale Farm for a short while. She was suffering from depression. Rosemary decided to stay at Emmerdale Farm.

Towards the end of 1975, Rosemary was getting friendly with Martin Gimbel, son of the tyrannical Jim Gimbel. Rosemary almost entered a relationship with Mel Openshaw but they decided not to pursue things any further. In March 1976, Rosemary witnessed guests Stephen Bannerman and Heather Bannerman argue in the farm kitchen, where he almost hit her. Annie threw Steve and Heather out.

In April 1976, Rosemary felt the time had come to return home to Middlesborough. Sam Pearson said he would miss her. It was hinted that she may return. Matt Skilbeck offered her a lift to the train station. Rosemary said goodbye to Joe before leaving. She was never seen or heard from again.


"Aunty Annie, what's the time?" - First line to Annie Sugden.

"Aye, Matt's taking me to the station." - Final line to Joe Sugden.

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