Roxy Lockhart is the fifth of Bob Hope's seven children and his only child from his marriage to Vonda Lockhart.

Bob does not know of Roxy's existence until his second marriage to Viv Hope as he wants all of his children there. Roxy and Vonda attend his wedding.

In April 2007 Vonda and Roxy visit Bob and his newborn twins Cathy and Heath. Vonda leaves Roxy with Bob whilst she is on a tour of the North West with work. Bob is too busy juggling working in the café and caring for the twins and is unable to feed Roxy. When Roxy eventually gets to eat she begins choking and an ambulance is called. Jimmy King, who Bob blames from Roxy's half sister Dawn's death, performs the Heimlich manoeuvre and saves Roxy. Vonda and Roxy later return to America.

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