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Roy Glover is the youngest of the Glover children, the brother of Dave Glover and Linda Fowler, and the son of Ned and Jan Glover.

He first appeared in August 1994 and married Kelly Windsor in 1999 only to divorce her a year later. In 2000, Roy left Emmerdale to start a new life in Ibiza and has not been seen since.


Roy arrived in the village as a 14-year-old in August 1994 with his parents, Ned and Jan and his older siblings Dave and Linda. Whilst at school Roy befriended Scott and Kelly Windsor. Roy was a troublesome teenager. Once when his sister Linda and her boyfriend Biff Fowler cleaned Alan Turner's Land Rover for him, Roy threw mud and dirt all over it so he could clean it again and get paid. Roy severed 2 of his fingers in an accident in 1996 but they were saved and reattached. Both of Roy's older siblings died, Dave in a fire at Home Farm and Linda in a car crash, leaving him the last surviving Glover child. In 1998, Roy indirectly killed Lord Alex Oakwell when he watched Alex cling onto a ledge, and then fall from a roof during a scheme. Alex had killed Roy's sister Linda in a car crash the previous year.

Roy's first love was his schoolfriend Kelly. They dated briefly before drifting apart and didn't get back together until 1999 by which time Kelly had been in a brief relationship with her stepbrother Scott, who was also Roy's friend, and Roy and Scott became rivals. Roy and Kelly were soon engaged and got married on 27 May 1999. But Kelly had been seeing Scott behind Roy's back and he exposed their affair when she refused to leave Roy, but she denied everything to Roy and he believed her. Once married, Roy and Kelly suffered financial difficulties and took cleaning jobs. Kelly stole some jewellery from one of their clients and held a dinner party at their home and the police were called. In order to protect Kelly, Roy took the blame for the theft and was jailed. When he was released Kelly came clean about her affair with Scott and revealed to Roy that she planned to start a new life in London. Roy forgave her and he and Kelly briefly reconciled, but he was unable to make her happy, as she constantly complained about their modest lifestyle. Kelly was delighted when, in August 2000, Ned offered them the chance of working in his partner's bar in Ibiza, with Roy thinking his wife would finally be happy. However, when Kelly began talking at the airport about how quickly they could ‘ditch’ Ned and take the bar for themselves, Roy realised she would never lose her selfish streak. Disgusted, he left for Ibiza alone, leaving a horrified Kelly alone at the airport reflecting on how she had blown her chances of a life in the sun.