Ruby Haswell arrives in the village to join her partner, Ali, and her two children, Sean and Amelia. Sean is not happy to learn Ruby is moving in too and while he, Ali and Ruby are arguing, Amelia wanders off and is nearly run over by Carl King. Sam Dingle pulls Amelia to safety and Ruby realises she has injured her shoulder. She takes everyone to the hospital. When Carl and Cameron Murray help move Ali and Ruby's furniture, they are shocked to find out Ali and Ruby are lesbians.

Over the next several years, Ruby and the Spencer family have many ups and downs, including the arrival of Ali's ex Dan Spencer, the problems of various relatives, a visit from Ruby's homophobic mother, Ruby's unsuccessful attempts to have a child, and a beautiful wedding day with Ali in late 2014. Ruby spends much of her time behind the counter at Café Main Street. In April 2015 the family learns Sean has been seriously injured in a car accident in Liverpool, and they begin spending much of their time with him through his recovery. Ruby eventually returns to the village to keep her job and help the family finances. Treating a sprain sustained by Sandy Thomas makes her want to pursue her nursing career, with Sandy hoping to sell a trinket to help pay for her schooling.

ln August 2015, Ruby was one of the guests at Pete Barton and Debbie Dingle's wedding reception. Events later took a tragic turn when Chrissie Sugden unintentionally caused an explosion, which resulted in a helicopter being hit by a gas canister and crashing into the Village Hall, where the wedding reception was being held. When everybody regained consciousness, Dan and Kerry Wyatt found Ruby covered in rubble. When they proceeded to remove the rubble, Ruby let out a scream. Kerry and Dan both realise that the helicopter's propeller had slashed her across the stomach. Although Kerry and Dan try their best efforts to help her, Ruby dies of her injury but before dying, asks Kerry and Dan to deliver a message to Ali, saying that she wasn't in pain and to tell her not to cry.

A bench was erected in the village in memory of Ruby.


"Tell Ali that, yeah? Tell her it was peaceful. Tell her it didn't even hurt. Tell her not to cry." - final words before dying in the wrecked village hall

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