Social Worker Ruth Shepperton spoke with Megan Macey and Jai Sharma in March 2018 after their two-year-old daughter, Eliza, was admitted to Hotten General Hospital with unexplained bruises which were being treated as suspicious. The following day, Ruth and DC Parker visited Megan to discuss how Eliza could've sustained the bruises. Megan revealed Jai's sister Priya had lost her temper with Eliza a few days prior and was also acting uncomfortable around Eliza at her birthday party. After speaking with Megan, Ruth and DC Parker headed over to Holdgate Farm where they spoke to Jai and Priya separately. Priya admitted to losing her temper with Eliza but maintained she didn't cause the bruising.

Ruth allowed Jai and Megan to take Eliza home, but instructed them not to let Eliza stay over at Holdgate Farm as a precaution until the situation was resolved. The following day, Ruth met with David Metcalfe, father of Priya's young daughter Amba. David defended Priya, insisting she was a great mum and not capable of hurting Eliza.

At Ruth's next meeting with Jai and Megan, she permitted Eliza to stay over at Holdgate again as Priya had moved out and Eliza has sustained no more bruises. It was later discovered the bruises were caused by a rare side effect from the slightest changes to Eliza's epilepsy medication.

Ruth Shepperton was just credited as 'Ruth' despite her surname being given in dialogue

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