Ryan Harred is the former neighbour of Gordon Livesy that falsely told the police that Gordon abused him.

In February 2016, Ryan witnessed Chas Dingle spraypainting "paedo" on her ex-husband, Gordon's car after it came to light that Gordon abused their son Aaron Livesy when he was a child. Ryan questioned whether that was the reason that Gordon had been arrested the previous week.

A few days later, when the investigation into the abuse was stalling, Aaron's former lover Robert Sugden managed to persuade Ryan to go to the police and lie that he was also one of Gordon's victims. Robert paid Ryan half the money he promised and insisted he would pay the other half after Ryan testified in court.

Chas realised Robert was responsible for Ryan coming forward but agreed to keep it secret. Due to Ryan's false statement, investigating officer DS Wise told Chas and Aaron that there was now enough evidence to charge Gordon. The following day, Ryan visited Robert insisting he didn't want to go through with the arrangement anymore as everything was getting out of control. Ryan told Robert that his mother was crying non stop and his dad was facing assault charges as a result of the accusations but Robert explained it was too late to back out and handed him a wad of cash. Aaron witnessed Robert and Ryan's conversation and was spun the lie that Ryan was nearly another 'victim' of Gordon's, but managed to get away, so Aaron appologised for not coming forward soon enough. Chas later told Aaron that Ryan's statement was all lies as Robert had paid him. Aaron visited Ryan and told him to drop his statement, although he could keep the money. Ryan withdrew his allegations but the police still had enough to charge Gordon.

Nearly two months later, Ryan ran into Gordon's daughter Liv. Liv realised Ryan was the man Robert paid to lie to the police and offered him £50,000 to tell the police the truth about Robert paying him. Ryan agreed, but Liv later decided to call the arrangement off but she couldn't get hold of Ryan and Robert was arrested.

Months later, Ryan arrived at the pub and asked Robert for the money Liv promised him. Robert refused, so Ryan threatened to report Robert to the police for assaulting him. Robert kidnapped Ryan and put him in the boot of his car. The following day, Robert let Ryan go and hands him £100, warning Ryan never to come to the village again.

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  • Ryan Harred continues to be credited as Ryan despite his last name being known.

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