Sally was a social worker who met with Dawn Taylor in February 2019 to discuss Dawn's son Lucas. Dawn had hoped now that she was turning her life around, she could get her son back but was left devastated when Sally explained that as social services had been unable to contact her, they had taken steps to have Lucas listed for adoption.

The following day, Sally and Dawn met in Café Main Street where Dawn asked Sally what she could do to stop Lucas being placed for adoption. Sally explained to Dawn that she was within her rights to contest Lucas' current care plans although she reminded Dawn that Lucas' needs would be at the forefront of any decisions and advised Dawn to think carefully about if she's able to provide Lucas with stable, long term care. As Dawn was putting her mug on the table, she knocked over Sally's mug and the contents spilled over Sally. Whilst Sally was in the toilet cleaning herself up, Dawn got the address of Lucas' foster placement from Sally's laptop.

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