Samuel 'Sam' Kitchener Pearson was the father of Annie Sugden and grandfather to Peggy Skilbeck, Joe Sugden and Jack Sugden. He resided at Emmerdale Farm.



Samuel Kitchener Pearson was born in 1896. Sam had a sister Rosemary Pearson who later married an Arthur Kendall Sr. Sam also had a brother. Sam fondly remembered his maternal grandfather Samuel Woodley. Sam served at Flanders towards the end of World War I. In 1915, 19 year old Sam married Grace Armitage and 5 years later, they had 1 child, Annie Pearson in 1920. Sam and his brother used to tell Annie ghost stories as she grew up. Annie later married Jacob Sugden.

Sam worked on The Verney Estate for years as a labourer, and became a farm manager by his retirement. Sam was also a grandfather by then.


Sam was a god fearing and loveable man who could be a grouch to people. He also had a no nonsense attitude and did not suffer fools gladly as he expected people to stick to standards and ways. Sam hated modern ways of living. He objected to unwed mothers and women who had abortions. He died in 1984 in his sleep peacefully after winning a pumpkin in a village show the night before.

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