Sandra Flaherty (previously Livesy) is Gordon Livesy's second wife, and mother of Olivia Flaherty.

Gordon's son Aaron came in contact with German Measles in 2006 so Gordon sent him to live with his mother Chas Dingle for a while as Sandra was pregnant. Sandra gave birth to a daughter in 2006. Two years later in 2008 Aaron drunkenly punched Sandra, leaving her with a black eye. Gordon threw Aaron out of the house at Sandra's request as they could no longer cope.

She left Gordon shortly after that and changed her surname to Flaherty. As of February 2016 she was living near York. With the help of Robert Sugden, Aaron tracked Sandra down, despite the name change, as he needed he help to convict Gordon of child abuse against him when he was a child. Sandra refused to come forward as a witness however.

In March 2016, when Liv went missing, Sandra went to the village in an attempt to find her. While there, Sandra confessed to Chas that she had had suspicions of Aaron's abuse. She explained how, fourteen years ago, she had taken Liv with her to her mother's house and left Aaron with Gordon. On returning the next day, she had found Aaron's wet pajamas in the bin, initially believing Aaron had just wet himself. She began to keep a close eye on Gordon and six years later, the day before Aaron left home, Sandra overheard Aaron and Gordon arguing in the bathroom with Aaron saying to Gordon "You can't do that to me anymore". After their conversation, she agreed to go to the police to make a statement.

Following Gordon's conviction in April 2016, Sandra made plans to move to Dublin but Liv was hesitant to go with her, preferring to stay with Aaron. After being convinced to let Liv stay, Sandra moved away without her daughter, trusting Aaron would do his best to look after Liv. A month later, Gordon hanged himself.

In 2017, Sandra went on holiday to Mauritius with a friend, and suffered a severe accident while drunk. She was left comatose and in a critical condition, so Chas took Liv to Ireland to see Sandra.

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