Sangeeta Parmar is the sister of Jayesh Parmar and a former roommate of Rachel Hughes's at university in Leeds. She lives with Jayesh and Rachel in a student house, and is studying law. However, whilst Rachel passes her exams with flying colours, the more academic Sangeeta fails them. She starts revising for resits, but struggles to cope with the stress of it all. In the end, Michael Feldmann - who she has become quite close to - encourages her to go and stay in Mark Hughes' chalet at the holiday village, where Rachel is living for the summer. However, due to being distracted by personal issues involving Lynn Whiteley and stepdad Joe Sugden, Rachel is less than welcoming to Sangeeta, claiming the chalet is cramped enough as it is. Sangeeta later packs her bags, having decided to jack in her course completely and not take the resits, and return home to her parents in Brighton. Rachel apologises to Sangeeta before she leaves, but is unable to change her mind.

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