The School House was built in 1826 by the Verney family. It was Beckindale's school for many years. Iconic figures like Jacob Sugden, his father and grandfatherJim Gimbel, the Dingle and Merrick families and the rest of the Sugdens would all have been educated here. In the 1920s, Gaffer Raistrick was a teacher, Gaffer being his nickname.

In 1974 and 1975, James Bonfils was a teacher there. In 1978, Antony Moeketsi was a supply teacher. Villager Seth Armstrong was the boiler man. The school closed in 1979 due to lack of pupils who were transferred to Hotten Comprehensive. The building stood unused for the next 16 years. It was then converted into tea rooms in 1995 by Kathy Glover until 2002 when the new church was set up after Zoe Tate burnt the original down.

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