Sean Bywater was the brief boyfriend of Debbie Dingle.

When Debbie drives back to Emmerdale after dropping her friend Jasmine Thomas off at a hostel in Wakefield, she runs out of petrol in a country road. Sean arrives and offers to lend Debbie a helping hand, but she spurns his offer. Sean drives off, but has a crisis of conscience and insists on helping her out. Debbie thaws and Sean later sends her flowers.

Sean and Debbie go on a few dates, which makes Debbie's former fling (and second cousin) Eli extremely jealous. When Sean and Debbie go to a restaurant, Eli tries to ruin the date by turning up with his own hastily arranged date Lola.

While Eli is out on his bin run, he spots Sean outside a big house with what appears to be his wife and children. Eli gleefully tells Debbie of his discovery and convinces her to go to the house to witness it for herself and she is crushed when she sees Sean with his 'family'. Debbie takes revenge and crushes Sean's car, but she's mortified when a furious Sean reveals that the woman was his sister.

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