Seb Makepeace is the ex-boyfriend of Ruby Haswell who regains contact with her when she becomes carer to his cantankerous grandfather William.

In February 2014, Ruby goes for an interview with William. Seb arrives and is shocked to see Ruby for the first time in twenty years. After a catch up with Seb, William gives her the job and Seb warns her to keep an eye on him as he's scared other people away.

Two weeks later, Ruby heads over to visit William and finds he's had a fall. She calls for a doctor and Seb. As she waits, she is subjected to William's racist slurs and walks out, but quickly returns when she considers her money troubles. After Seb returns home, Ruby opens up to him as they share a drink. Ruby later learns that Seb has got his 'non-girlfriend' pregnant, and he confides in her about his insecurities over becoming a father.

Ruby and her partner Ali Spencer join William in celebrating his birthday, and Ruby shows too much interest in Seb's pregnant girlfriend Cath. After Ali listens to Ruby talking to Seb about babies, she steals William's money and savings to help Ruby pay for IVF treatment. They return the money the next day, and Seb threatens to call the police, but decides against it.

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