Katie gets hold of the key when Perdy leaves it on the desk and she is delighted when she finds the cardigan in the under-stairs cupboard. Perdy catches Katie red-handed, and Katie attempts to cover up, but Perdy is sure that Gray has put her up to it. Katie blurts out that she and Gray are an item and a furious Perdy chases Katie from the house. Perdy pushes Katie, who falls to the ground, and Perdy is mortified. Perdy calls for an ambulance but Matthew is suspicious and encourages Perdy to tell him what's going on. Perdy reveals Gray's attempts to set him up and Matthew is outraged that he was arrested when Perdy had the evidence to get him off the hook all along. A furious Matthew throws her out of Home Farm. Ashley despairs when Laurel insists that he can never know what it's like to carry a baby for nine months and then lose it. Laurel storms off to the cafe and accuses Viv of using Daniel's death for her own gain when she spots Viv's cot death charity tins. Greg comforts Laurel, who confides in him her feelings. Ashley is unsettled when he finds out. Also, Louise is hoping for a proposal from Jamie.


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  • This one-hour episode, again with a title, was broadcast at the programme's usual time of 7.00pm.
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