Sharma & Sharma was a chocolate factory owned by Jai Sharma, Kim Tate and Al Chapman It was established in 2009 by brothers Jai and Nikhil Sharma, and attracted many of the villagers left unemployed when Eric Pollard had to shut his factory.

The factory no longer exists, as a fire in August 2019, started by Kerry Wyatt and Amy Wyatt caused it to shut down. Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits is now located on the grounds of the factory. 

Key eventsEdit

  • 2011: Derek Benrose raped Lisa Dingle after taking overtime with her.
  • 2016: The factory is almost set alight when a stray candle sets a bin on fire. The culprit was Jermaine Bailey, who was hiding in the factory with his love affair, the much younger Belle Dingle.
  • 2019: The factory is accidentally set on fire when Amy and Kerry Wyatt destroy the CCTV to cover up their theft of charity money from the safe. After rescuing his daughter, Tracy Shankley from the fire, Frank Clayton gets caught in an explosion, killing him instantly.


Current EmployeesEdit

Name Job Position Duration
Al Chapman Co-Owner (1%) 2019-
Kim Tate Co-Owner (49.5%) 2019-
Jai Sharma Co-Owner (49.5%) 2009 -
Priya Kotecha Manager 2009-
Laurel Thomas Factory worker/Supervisor 2009-
Rishi Sharma Office 2011-
Nicola King Personal Assistant/Managing director 2013-2014, 2017-
Kerry Wyatt Factory Worker/supervisor 2012-
Billy Fletcher Driver 2019-
Dawn Taylor Factory Worker 2019-

Past Employees Edit

Name Job Position Duration
Frank Clayton Factory Worker 2018-2019
Nikhil Sharma Owner 2009-2013
Lizzie Lakely Factory worker 2009-2012
Eli Dingle Factory worker, packer 2009-2010
Adele Allfrey Factory worker 2009-2010
Faye Lamb PA 2009-2010
Chas Dingle Supervisor 2010-2011
Gennie Walker Factory worker (formerly), PA 2010-2013
Derek Benrose Factory worker, packer 2010-2011
Charity Dingle Factory worker (formerly), Office 2011-2014
Ali Spencer Factory Worker/Supervisor 2011-2015
Rachel Breckle Factory worker/Cleaner 2011-2015
Dan Spencer Factory Worker 2012-2013
Edna Birch Factory worker 2014
Megan Macey Office 2015
Kerry Wyatt Factory worker/Supervisor 2012-2017
Joanie Dingle Factory worker 2015-2017
Rakesh Kotecha Factory worker 2016-2017
Belle Dingle Trainee Manager 2015-2018
Lisa Dingle Factory Worker 2009-2018
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