Sharon Lambert is Val Pollard and Jimmy Pepper's daughter and Paul Lambert's half sister.

Sharon arrives in the village in February 2007. With her upcoming wedding to footballer Dan McHerron, she sends invitations to her brother Paul and her aunt Diane Sugden but not her mother. Paul and Diane wonder whether to accept the invitations, partly as Paul also has issues with Sharon. Val sees in a magazine that Sharon is getting married and goes to meet Sharon at Skipdale Hall, the venue chosen for the wedding. Val gets drunk with Dan and she has an argument with Sharon after it is revealed that Val had slept with Sharon's first boyfriend when she was 15 and the boyfriend 17. Val is thrown out and goes for drinks with local journalist John McNally. The following morning, the whole story is in the Hotten Courier. Sharon and Dan's wedding day does not go well and they do not marry as Sharon is revealed as a gold digger.

Sharon returns to the village on June 2008 for Val's wedding to Eric Pollard and seems a reformed character. After the ceremony, she ends up kissing Eric's son, David Metcalfe, and while she only sees it as bit of fun, he seems to take things more seriously. David and Nicola De Souza, who is close to him, overhear Sharon telling a friend that she does not really care about David and is only staying until she has another celebrity party to go to. Nicola and Sharon later get into a fight in the Woolpack when Nicola tells her that David is leaving her. Val is furious that Sharon has gone back on her offer to take her to her next big party and washes her hands of Sharon, who then leaves Emmerdale, saying she wants nothing to do with any of them.

In September 2015, Sharon is unable to attend her mother's funeral as she is looking after her young daughter, Alice. She rings Paul after the service to ask how it went.

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