Shirley Turner (previously Foster) is the deceased former wife of Alan Turner and mother of Laurie, Sandie and Debbie Foster.

While working at a Drop-In Centre, Shirley Foster meets Alan Turner and she initially finds him to be arrogant. Alan is affected by the death of one of the homeless girls who use the centre and Shirley warms to him. They begin dating and Alan is shocked when he discovers that Shirley used to be a prostitute. The Drop-in centre closes and Alan gives Shirley a job at The Woolpack. Shirley helps Alan refurbish the pub after the plane crash and they get married. A few months later, Shirley and Viv Windsor are taken hostage by Viv's ex-husband Reg Dawson who had robbed the Post Office. Reg and his accomplices go to Home Farm and barricade themselves in. Reg goes to shoot Viv but Shirley performs an act of bravery and jumps in front of her and she dies.

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